Home Energy Curtailment

Live comfortably while saving energy at home: it may be easier than you think. Depending on our home, our goals, and our budget, we can:

  • just change some habits (like lowering the thermostat at night)

  • make simple, low-cost modifications to the home

  • make moderate-cost upgrades that don’t significantly affect the structure

  • plan more costly energy retrofits


For more ideas, contact Tim Wulling.


Check out these resources:

  • At the Energy Star Certified Products website, find ENERGY STAR products, learn new ways to conserve, find tools to help you save, and get rebates and offers.

  • The US Department of Energy's (DOE) "Energy Saver" site has resources for conservation and using renewable energy technologies at home, including DIY Guides.

  • This Home Energy Guide shows how to lower your bills, make your home safer and healthier, and contribute positively to the environment. From the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Discussing energy efficiency at the Transition Festival, April 2013.


Partnering with Hampden Park Coop, we've given away free clotheslines to encourage this earth-friendly practice.