Transition: Pass it on!

These two mini-zines inform and inspire in six pages (read them onscreen at right as slide show)--and you can make them yourself, following the tips below. Thanks to Transition in a Nutshell Press, aka Regula and Michael Russelle. 

To make your own copies:

  1. Click here to download Habits of the Heart and here for Transition Towns. Each is a two-page PDF (with multiple mini-pages laid out on each sheet). For each one:

  2. Send it to print, pausing at the "Print" dialog box onscreen. Choose these options: 

  • for Orientation, choose "Auto" or "Landscape" (rather than "Portrait")

  • for Page Scaling, choose "None" or "100%"

  • Choose "2-sided," then "Long-edge binding" (if these options apply for your printer) *

   3. Follow the fold-and-cut directions in the margin of the printed sheet.


*  If not, print it one side at a time (flipping the sheet as needed), or print two single-sided sheets and then photocopy one onto the back of the other.


About the Transition movement

  • Transition Network: This worldwide nonprofit supports communities as they self-organize around the Transition model.  Join its e-mail list for news.

  • Transition United States:  See the "Transition 101" briefing on this site.

  • Transition Twin Cities:  Connect with other initiatives in the metro area.

  • Videos include In Transition 2.0: A Story of Resilience and Hope in Extraordinary Times and Voices of Transition: A Documentary "Action" Movie for Community-Led Food Production.

  • Essential Guide: Click on cover (right) to download this 64-page booklet. Other books include Rob Hopkins' The Transition Companion and Shaun Chamberlin's Transition Timeline for a Local, Resilient Future.

Related climate action resources


MN350 (part of takes climate action with the goal of returning our atmosphere's carbon level to the safe 350-ppm threshold. 

Climate Generation empowers people, especially youth, to engage in solutions to climate change. 

Honor the Earth and the Indigenous Environmental Network are Minnesota-based action groups organizing for native rights, care for the environment, pipeline resistance, and more.
Citizens Climate Lobby advocates in the political realm.

Join The Climate Mobilization for action "at wartime speed."
Consider divesting from fossil fuels. We can't offer financial advice, but see Fossil Free USA's Roadmap to Divestment, Green America's Portfolio Guide, and Divest-Invest's Institutional and Personal Resources.

Movies and Videos

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate (based on the book)

Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-energize America

Passive House: A Building Revolution

Years of Living Dangerously, Emmy-winning multi-episode TV series



This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein

Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil & Climate Change by Pat Murphy

The Post Carbon Reader, edited by Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch


Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We are affiliated with the St. Anthony Park Community Council and are funded in part through a grant from the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation with support from the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team and the 3M Foundation.  We're "on the map" of the worldwide Transition Network and are part of the national Transition U.S. and the metro-area Transition Twin Cities

Contact us here. You can make an online donation to support our work here.

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