Park Bugle columns

Since 2016, Transition Town ASAP has hosted a regular column in our neighborhood's monthly newspaper, inviting a variety of voices on climate and sustainability issues. The nonprofit Park Bugle serves St. Anthony Park, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, and Como Park, and relies on community support. Browse our columns by topic here.

Latest column:

Pat Thompson discusses the promise of the Twin Cities Boulevard vision, May 2022. Read it here:
Rethinking I-94 into a human-scale boulevard. 


Climate response

New normal temperatures signal more climate change
by Mike Lukes, Aug. 2021

Environmental lessons from a pandemic in progress
by Jessica Hellmann, Aug. 2020

Understanding St. Paul's Climate Action Plan
by Tim Wulling, Dec. 2020

Como High students call out climate crisis at the Capitol
by Mindy Keskinen, Jan. 2020

The climate is changing, and so are we
by Mike Lukes, Nov. 2019

Climate Reality comes to the Twin Cities
by Mike Lukes, Oct. 2019

Community, equity, resilience

Reading Buddies for a just, equitable world: A report and invitation by Ranae Hanson, Feb. 2022

Volunteers pitch in, enliven streets of South SAP
by Mindy Keskinen, Nov. 2021

Resilience in the Creative Enterprise Zone
by Catherine Reid Day, Sept. 2021

Get creative, get committed (and shovel!)
by Pat Thompson, Dec. 2020

Unearned white privilege— different life experiences
by Ranae Hanson, Sept. 2020

Poetry: Community builder, change maker, world saver?
by Mimi Jennings, April 2019

Take heart, then take action on climate change
by Mindy Keskinen, March 2019

Preparation and attitude are key assets in dealing with disasters by Mindy Keskinen, Dec. 2017

A summer of resiliency work in St. Paul
by Ethan Engberg, Aug. 2017


Local Dough on the rise: An investment club with a conscience by Mindy Keskinen, Nov. 2018

How can we keep our investments close to home?
by Sherman Eagles, Oct. 2017


Going solar with the Twin Cities SUN Co-op
by Tracy Kugler, April 2022

Do you want fossil-free electricity? by Tim Wulling, Jan. 2021

Many ways to go solar by Tim Wulling, June 2019

Get your home energy projects started
by Tim Wulling, Sept. 2016


Food and land

Eat your greens and shoots, but find them first
by Pat Thompson, April 2021

How to make a "lasagna bed" for your vegetables
by Lois Braun, June 2020

Berries for the picking
by Nadine Horchner, May 2020

Supporting pollinators, the "little things that run the world"
by Margot Monson, April 2020

A model farm restores land to health
by Ranae Hanson, Oct. 2019

Diet for a changing planet by Kit Canright, May 2019

Local gardens harvest community by sharing the bounty
by Pat Thompson, April 2018



Going Home Green

Living green, dying green
by Mindy Keskinen, Nov. 2020



More neighbors: Part of the climate solution 
by Sherman Eagles, February 2022

Inner resilience

Inner resilience and climate change: Why we need to practice self-care in order to change our world
by Mary Sage, March 2022

Poems to slow us down in a busy season
by Mimi Jennings, Dec. 2021

Helping kids cope with climate change
by Catherine Jordan, March 2021


Sustainable businesses

Local businesses find that sustainable is attainable
by Allie Rykken, June 2021

Bang Brewing finds opportunity in tough times
by Sandy Boss Febbo, Feb. 2021

Crossroads for community: CoCreatz sets grand opening
by Mindy Keskinen, July 2019

At Hampden Park Co-op, the new manager comes around to his roots by Mimi Jennings, Sept. 2018

Ride your bike to the toys by Pat Thompson, July 2016


Rethinking I-94 into a human-scale boulevard
by Pat Thompson, May 2022

Drive electric! And charge up curbside
by Pat Thompson, Oct. 2021

Building the future in a street: Cleveland Avenue
by Pat Thompson, Aug. 2019

Winter walking: Mission possible
by Pat Thompson, Jan. 2019

Changing the cars-only culture
by Mindy Keskinen, July 2018

The fare isn't the only cost in travel
by Michael Russelle, March 2018


The fourth R: Reduce, reuse, recycle— restart
by Michala Zien, June 2021 

Cheap clothes have human, environmental costs
by Karen Lilley, Oct. 2020

Celebrating holidays with a smaller carbon footprint
by Karen Lilley, Dec. 2019

Tool Library to open March 4
by Ethan Engberg, March 2017

Ten New Year's resolutions for Zero Waste
by Pat Thompson, Jan. 2017



The creek under your street 

by Ranae Hanson, May 2021

How does your watershed flow?

by Ranae Hanson, March 2020