Get Involved

Whatever your gifts and your interests, Transition Town welcomes them.


How to start?


  • Drop in on the Transition Town ASAP planning group, which meets the 4th Thursday of each month: details.​​



  • If you're interested in a more local, sustainable economy, drop in on our Transition Your Money group, 3rd Wednesday of each month: info


  • Stop by the seasonal Transition Tap between April and October.  We gather as friends for tasty brews and conversation at a neighborhood Saint Paul brew pub: check the Tap page for current info. Look for the table with the "t" card, like the one here.

  • Put a "t" card in your window. You can get one at any Transition Tap gathering or other Transition Town event, or print it using this PDF.

Place the "t" symbol in your window and show support for Transition Town! Download and print this PDF.



Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We are affiliated with the St. Anthony Park Community Council and are funded in part through a grant from the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation with support from the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team and the 3M Foundation.  We're "on the map" of the worldwide Transition Network and are part of the national Transition U.S. and the metro-area Transition Twin Cities

Contact us here. You can make an online donation to support our work here.

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