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Zines to share

Transition mini-zines:
Pass them on!

These six-page mini-pamphlets inform and inspire readers to change habits for the sake of our future.  Read them onscreen here— click on each cover to view it as a slide show.  With access to a printer, you can make copies of them yourself. 

Here's how:

  1. Click here to download Habits of the Heart and here for Transition Towns. Each is a two-page PDF with multiple mini-pages laid out on each sheet.

  2. For each one: Send it to print, pausing at the "Print" dialog box onscreen. Choose these options:  for orientation, choose "auto" or "landscape" (rather than "portrait"), and for page scaling, choose "none" or "100%".

  3. Follow the fold-and-cut directions in the margin of the printed sheet.

Thanks to Transition in a Nutshell Press, aka Regula and Michael Russelle, for these copyright-free zines. Regula, a book artist, and Michael, a soil scientist, wrote and designed them together during a long-distance trip on an Amtrak train. 

Michael + Regula 2.jpg
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