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Sustainable Endeavors

"I want our neighborhood to demonstrate what personal action can do on a collective scale," says St. Anthony Park Transitioner Allie Rykken. "But a large part of our neighborhood identity comes from our institutions and businesses. How can we support them to make sustainable practices that are good for the earth, community, and the bottom line?" 

Allie's answer: start a website with practical resources, inspiration, and local models. After conferring with the Transition group, she launched Sustainable Endeavors at  

In addition to resources on energy, water use, waste management, and culture change, the site showcases some local businesses and nonprofits that are lowering their carbon footprint; some also provide green-oriented products or services.  Among them:

  • Bang Brewing, pictured on the website's home page, shown here

  • The Good Acre food hub 

  • Landbridge Ecological, restoring and supporting landscapes and ecosystems

  • Bro-Tex, carpet recycler whose Midwest Floating Island project helps clean polluted waterways  

To share your own business story, email

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