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Watershed  by Ranae Lenor Hanson

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We're celebrating with Ranae Hanson: neighbor, educator, climate activist, fellow Transitioner, and now author. Watershed just won the 2022 Minnesota Book Award in the memoir / creative nonfiction category. 


Ranae explores the parallels between human and planetary health in this memoir, subtitled Attending to Body and Earth in Distress (University of Minnesota Press, May 2021). She tells of her youth in the Minnesota northwoods where three major watersheds meet. As a Minneapolis College professor, she tells of the international students who taught her climate truths from several continents. And she shows how her own recent health crisis echoes those issues. (Excepted below is The Path Between from Ranae's website, a graphic collaboration with Ruby Thompson and Grace Harnois.)  Find Watershed at our local Winding Trail Books or wherever books are sold.

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"With courage and tenderness, Ranae Lenor Hanson pulls back the curtain to show us that the harm we have wrought on the world is no longer a future problem to be solved. It is here now in our bodies as much as it is in our watersheds and forests."

—Eric Utne, founder, Utne Reader


"This book will be an aid to many as they grapple with our difficult moment."

— Bill McKibben, founder of

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