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Emergency preparedness

There's no doubt. Our climate is changing and our weather is wilder. More severe storms with wind, flooding, or ice damage, wildfire flames and smoke, and extreme heat waves now add to the urban threats of chemical spills, industrial and transportation accidents, mass violence, and other human-caused disasters. You can make your household or business more resilient to these emergencies if you prepare for them.


Did you know that our "tornado sirens" aren't just for tornadoes? Do you have a printed list of contact information in case your cellphone battery dies? Learn what to keep in your emergency kits. Beyond preparing for your own safety, find out how you can help provide support and services during a disaster. Ramsey County Emergency Preparedness & Management is a good source of info and guidance. 

Also recommended: Winter Survival in Your Car (downloadable PDF) from the MN Department of Public Safety.  Excerpt here. 


Keep this number handy:


Ramsey County Emergency Management
and Homeland Security



Slide show

At our 2016 resource fair, climatologist Mark Seeley sounded a wake-up call: Be ready for more extreme weather events.

Learn more here: 


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