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to climate change

Neighbors addressing climate change

Transition Town — All St. Anthony Park

Smaller Footprint, Stronger Community

We’re neighbors linking up to live responsibly on the Earth.  We bring diverse skills— what we accomplish reflects who shows up. Our ideas are as many as the challenges we all face. But they may not yet include yours. 

Come, think, work, and celebrate with us!  


Our purpose is to raise our neighborhood's understanding of climate change and the limits of fossil fuels, and to foster a positive, community-wide transition to more sustainable ways of life... ASAP.  ASAP reminds us that climate change calls for our best efforts, right now. All Saint Anthony Park means South and North; renters and homeowners; newcomers and long-timers; businesses and nonprofits, students and seniors; faith groups, youth groups... all are needed. 

Take the first step:  Sign up for our e-news and join the 500 neighbors who keep informed and join in when they can.  Email Mindy,

Do you have time to do more?  Send us a note — we’ll connect.  Feel free to propose a project or event we can help support. Contact Mike at mjblandford@yahoo.com.  


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Facebook group: Transition ASAP

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St. Anthony

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Making winter travel plans?
Your choices matter to the planet.

In the Park Bugle article "The Fare Isn't the Only Cost in Travel," 

Michael Russelle shows how to compare the carbon costs of plane,
train, bus, and car travel. We can all shrink our impact by finding ways to offset that carbon debt: by changing our purchasing, eating, and other habits.  If we ask buddies to help us, that's a teachable and learnable moment!  For source info, see Michael's reference list.



For more events, see listings in the current Transition Times e-news. 

Coffee, waffles & democracy 

Thursday, December 5, 8–10 am

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar

2180 Marshall Ave. (at Cretin), St. Paul 

Join us as we drop in on 

Ward 4 councilmember

Mitra Jalali Nelson's
office hours. We're

supporting St. Paul 350's

work to uphold the city's clean-energy goals and stand up to Xcel Energy. Learn more here

Youth strike for climate 

Friday, December 6, 3–5 p.m.

Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda

Supporters welcome to come and go. Teach-in: let's divest MN's state pension funds from fossil fuels.  Info

Transition Town ASAP's
Ideas & Planning Group 

Thursday, December 19, 7–8:30 p.m.

Come at 6:30 for social time.
CoCreatz, 2388 University Ave, St. Paul 









Help plan projects for a positive local response to climate change.  

Transition Your Money 

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

(third Wednesdays) at Lori's Coffee, 1441 Cleveland Ave North in St. Paul.

All welcome: help build a more sustainable, localized economy: Info.  (No meeting in December.) 

Climate action: Say it with art! 

At the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival last June, visitors to our booth made postcards showing ideas for a healthier climate.  We photographed them, then mailed them to our elected reps.  Make and send your own, or use the email links here. Two ideas: 

1.  Ask our leaders in US Congress to support a Green New Deal.  

     Where to send your card:

Senator Amy Klobuchar 
1200 Washington Ave. S., Rm 250 
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Senator Tina Smith
60 Plato Blvd E.,  #220 

St Paul, MN 55107-1820 

Rep.  Betty McCollum

661 Lasalle St., Suite 110
St. Paul, MN 55114

     What you might say: 

"Support a Green New Deal!" (That means governmental 
measures for green capitalism, energy transition, and sustainable agriculture. Choose from these ideas for picture and message.)


     The Green New Deal's eco-goals include

  • achieve neutral CO2 emissions levels by 2050 (some emissions to be offset by carbon sequestration “by recognized low-tech means,” i.e., planting trees)

  • supply all energy by zero-emission renewables and smart grids, upgrading buildings to max energy efficiency

  • prioritize the clean industry sector and deeply decarbonize the rest

  • support sustainable family farming, improving soil and food quality while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • cut transportation emissions "to the extent possible” with zero-emission vehicles & public transit 

  • restore damaged ecosystems

     Its political goals include

  • Green New Deal grants

  • resources and training for all communities

  • federal direct investment in new clean technologies

  • revitalization of regional economies; local decision-making

  • well-paid union jobs

  • protection of public lands

  • a universal health care system

  • guaranteed access to drinking water

  • economic security for all citizens

The community-made cards
were displayed
last summer at 

2.  Ask Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to sign a Climate            Action Executive Order.

     Where to send your card:

Governor Tim Walz & Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan 
130 State Capitol - 75 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 
St. Paul, MN 55155

     What you might say:

"Sign a Climate Action Executive Order—

immediately!" (That means directing each state 

agency to develop and carry out a plan to meet our 

Minnesota climate goals and UN climate goals on time.) 

     What would an effective 

     executive order look like?

     It would:

  • be both broad and specific

  • cover all pollution sources: electricity generation, buildings, transportation, agriculture

  • adopt California’s Clean Car and Zero Emissions Vehicle Standards for MN (MPCA)

  • include priority actions for cities and communities 

  • ensure racial & geographic equity, in sync with the One MN Council on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity


     Or reach the governor by email or at 651-201-3400.


Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We are affiliated with the St. Anthony Park Community Council and are funded in part through a grant from the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation with support from the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team and the 3M Foundation.  We're "on the map" of the worldwide Transition Network and are part of the national Transition U.S. and the metro-area Transition Twin Cities

Contact us here. You can make an online donation to support our work here.

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