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Transition mini-zines:
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These six-page mini-pamphlets inform and inspire readers to change habits for the sake of our future.  Read them onscreen here— click on each cover to view it as a slide show.  With access to a printer, you can make copies of them yourself. 

Here's how:

  1. Click here to download Habits of the Heart and here for Transition Towns. Each is a two-page PDF with multiple mini-pages laid out on each sheet.

  2. For each one: Send it to print, pausing at the "Print" dialog box onscreen. Choose these options:  for orientation, choose "auto" or "landscape" (rather than "portrait"), and for page scaling, choose "none" or "100%".

  3. Follow the fold-and-cut directions in the margin of the printed sheet.

Thanks to Transition in a Nutshell Press, aka Regula and Michael Russelle, for these copyright-free zines. Regula, a book artist, and Michael, a soil scientist, wrote and designed them together during a long-distance trip on an Amtrak train. 




Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We are affiliated with the St. Anthony Park Community Council and are funded in part through a grant from the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation with support from the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team and the 3M Foundation.  We're "on the map" of the worldwide Transition Network and are part of the national Transition U.S. and the metro-area Transition Twin Cities

Contact us here. You can make an online donation to support our work here.

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