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Zero Waste

Individually and collectively, let's minimize the waste we generate— as households, schools, faith groups, and businesses.  We're looking at personal habits such as purchasing, composting, and cooking choices, and neighborhood-wide actions like advocating for even more ZW-friendly garbage hauling.  What other actions could we take?

  • Should we encourage neighbors to avoid products packaged in unrecyclable plastics (numbers 3 and 6) and ask manufacturers to change their packaging? 

  • How can we avoid single-use plastic shopping bags? How about a reusable bag designed for Transition Town ASAP?


To share your ideas, contact us at Our society can celebrate Zero Waste when we make only products that can be reused, recycled, or otherwise contribute value after their first use.   A few good websites:

Reduce:   10 Tips for a Zero Waste Household

Reuse:  Twin Cities Free Market, a zero-waste nonprofit whose mission is to show that waste is preventable, and Craigslist, for buying and selling used goods

Recycle:  Ramsey County's Guide for Recyling & Disposal

Slide show:

Marching with the St. Paul Tool Library in the 2017 parade. 

Helping renovate the space before the Tool Library's grand opening.

Slide show: A trip to YOXO, the ZW-friendly toy factory

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